About us

Marcopolo Adventures is a “Once in a lifetime” organisation…

… for unforgettable trips on untouched paths in Europe and other parts of the world. Marcopolo Adventures stands for exciting adventures and great travel experiences on inland waters, oceans or high in the mountains. Anywhere in the world. You will experience excitement and adventures and after a fabulous journey you will have a great experience richer. Marcopolo Adventures offers varied adventure tours: by kayak, boat, scooter, e-bike, trekking bike, jeep or hiking on foot. All kinds of ways to share the love for adventures in beautiful nature. Overnight stays at a nature campsite, B&B, camping farm or in the wild: it’s all possible! Join the Marcopolo Adventures Family. Experience the adventure of a lifetime and discover below which adventure suits you best.


Marcopolo Adventures and the experienced tour guides are ready to give you an adventurous travel experience.
Every employee is passionate and eager to travel and guarantees your adventurous experience of an active holiday in an unfamiliar area. With a lot of personal attention they guide you during an unforgettable trip through the unprecedented beautiful nature.


The Marcopolo Adventures Family
Within our organization, passionate experienced adventurers who are connected by their inspiration with the wonderful world of nature, each with their own specialty.
They took photos and videos on location. In combination with the travel reports on this site, these impressions of their exciting experiences already take you to the “Once in a lifetime” trips. You get a nice insight into what awaits you when you go out with the Marcopolo Adventures Family.


Not your destination but your travel experience is important. Wherever you start your adventures, the experience of your journey in beautiful nature is important. Enjoy the insane thrills of discovering these hidden destinations in unparalleled freedom.
The team behind Marcopolo Adventures sees these adventures as “A way of life”. Marcopolo Adventures is there to unburden travelers during the trip. Your travel experience is central and everything is prepared and guided down to the last detail.
The local guides ensure that the participants experience their fantastic adventure. So plunge into an adventure with unprecedented excitement and experience your own adventure.

Do you want to experience beautiful adventures in untouched nature, but safe and under expert guidance? Marcopolo Adventures is a new start-up organization that wants to take you into the world of “Try before you die” adventures on the untouched paths of the most beautiful places in the world.