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Marcopolo Adventures

Would you like to experience wonderful adventures in unspoilt nature but safe and under expert guidance? Marcopolo Adventures is a new start-up organization that wants to take you into the world of “Try before you die” adventures on the pristine paths of the most beautiful places in the world.

Experience the adventure of a lifetime with Marcopolo Adventures

For those who love water and paddling, Poland offers a beautiful network of extensive lakes and rivers.

Our experienced adventurers who will accompany you on Marcopolo Adventures’ journeys have become attached to Poland, the Polish landscape and its unspoilt nature. Each time they discover new beautiful places in the numerous reserves and nature reserves that Poland has to offer. They are happy to take you on an adventure to share with you the breathtaking unspoilt beauty of the Polish landscape.

In the summer of 2021 Marcopolo Adventures offers an adventurous kayak trip in the Polish river Brda.

Why choose Marcopolo Adventures?

Marcopolo Adventures is an “Once in a lifetime” organisation for experiencing unforgettable trips on untouched paths of Europe and other continents.

The travel experience is important

It’s the travel experience that counts at Marcopolo Adventures. That’s why we pay a lot of attention to all the details of your trip. So that you can not only enjoy our beautiful unique destinations, but above all the way you experience your trip.

We would like to do it differently

Anyone who dares to leave standard paths will find beautiful new paths. Our tour guides at Marcopolo Adventures have already experienced this many times and are happy to take you on similar adventures. The trips of Marcopolo Adventures distinguish themselves by a unique combination of adventure and rest in nature at undiscovered inspiring destinations.

A unique journey for everyone

Offer a unique travel experience for everyone. That’s what the enthusiastic tour guides at Marcopolo Adventures have in mind. A travel experience that starts at registration and ends long after you’re back home.

Travelling alone or with a group

Would you like to travel alone or do you prefer to travel with a limited group of up to 8 people. Make your choice during the booking, because all your wishes will be taken into account.

Just enjoy…