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We’ve traveled all over Poland and created the perfect tours for you.

For those who love water and paddle, Poland offers a beautiful network of vast lakes and rivers. Ideally suited for both longer and shorter kayak trips and with good facilities for water sports enthusiasts.

€ 399,- (ex airline ticket)

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You fly from Eindhoven airport with Wizzair directly to Gdansk on your own. You will be picked up at the airport and transported to Agrotourism Łosiowisko. This is a simple B&B. You can spend the night there in your own tent or use a simple room with a shower. You can also enjoy an evening meal here.

Świeszyno – Stara Brda – You will be taken to the starting location, where the kayak is ready for you. The kayak tour starts on the first day with a tour of about 10 kilometers. You sail through beautiful nature and over a beautiful lake.

Stara Brda – Folbrycht – The 11 km long trip through narrow and wide channels will surprise you. On this day the tour takes you along reed borders with a view of known and lesser known (water) birds in the beautiful nature. It ends in a simple camping pitch with toilet and shower facilities.

Folbrycht – Płaszczyca – On this day you will enjoy a breathtaking paddle tour. The journey takes a slightly faster flowing river through the hilly Przytoń Nature Reserve to Końskie Lake. The route that is covered is approximately 30 kilometers long. You spend the night at a campsite with toilets. There is a small shop about 1 km from the campsite in the picturesque village of Płaszczyca.

From Płaszczyca, a spit of land on Lake Długie, the tour continues towards Lake Charzykowskie. A beautiful 26-kilometer trip with a magnificent view and a lunch place in a restaurant on the lake.

From the overnight stay near the Charzykowskie we sail to the village Swornegacie. This adventurous kayak trip then ends after a trip of 15 km.

After an overnight stay in a B&B, you will be taken to the airport and return to Eindhoven.


The river Brda is one of the rivers that is very suitable for kayaking trips. Marcopolo Adventures offers you a five-day kayak trip on a piece of this beautiful river through beautiful nature reserves.


During a five-day kayak trip, you will independently paddle downstream through the Brda River in the beautiful unspoiled nature of Poland. This adventurous kayak tour takes you through a narrow river, also occasionally requiring you to lift your kayak over a tree and paddle through narrow passages.

The river has a flow speed of between two and eight kilometers per hour, which makes paddling feel relaxed.
In the evening you cook on a wood fire in the middle of unspoilt nature and you sleep in your self-brought tent on a camping pitch in the woods.

The tour of about 100 kilometers ends in the Zaborski park Krojobrazowy.
Are you less adventurous? Then let one of our experienced guides guide you.

Camping in the wild

Wild camping is still possible in most places in Poland. Spots specially designated by forest management may be used as overnight places. In these places you can usually make a campfire and you can meet other kayakers, hikers and adventurers. Also in the national parks and nature reserves you can set up a tent at designated places or spend the night in one of the many youth hostels.

Into the wild

Poland is pre-eminently a country for a journey through untouched nature and the Into the wild experience. A beautiful country with lots of nature and beautiful nature reserves. A country where you will find pristine primeval forests and swamps and where bird watchers can indulge in seeing many special birds.

You will find many stork couples there, but also the black stork and cranes. There are also numerous birds of prey to spot and with a bit of luck even the screaming eagle, sea eagle or osprey. The fauna is also diverse, with special wild animals such as the lynx, beavers, otters and the wolf, but also moose and wild boars can be spotted regularly. The many lakes offer a true paradise for fishing enthusiasts.

In Poland there are also beautiful mountains where you can take the most beautiful walks. So there is a lot to discover in Poland, the country with a lot of nature where you can make adventurous journeys.

When you choose to spend the kayak trip alone, there are a few things to take into account. You will of course receive the necessary instructions and the route will be explained. For your own safety, we recommend that you bring a phone with an extra battery or power bank. A GPS tracker is also recommended if you do the tour alone.

Although it is an uncertain time, we are confident that the corona pandemic will be under control by 2021 and we expect there will be few travel restrictions by the summer of 2021. If there are any travel restrictions, we will of course anticipate them.

Everyone receives a food pack at the start of the trip. This food pack contains dry meals, breakfast, sweet and salty snacks, energy bars and coffee and milk powder. Furthermore, everyone can bring their own stove and a pan, but it is much nicer to take part in the joint evening meal by the campfire every evening. If only to share the wonderful travel experiences with each other.

This kayak trip is excellent for bringing children. They are therefore very welcome on this adventurous journey.

Everyone is received at the same berth in the evening. Then the self-brought tents are set up and people eat at the campfire and exchange experiences.

The trip from the airport to the starting point of the kayak tour takes approximately three hours.

When booking the trip you can of course take out cancellation insurance with Marcopolo Adventures.

All overnight stays are included in the price, so you do not have to pay for the stay at the camping pitch separately.

You can only take a shower and go to the toilet on day 1 at the B&B and on day 3 at the campsite. On other days you can enjoy nature baths and find a private spot in the woods for your toilet visit.

There is no specific target group. Everyone, young and old, who has an adventurous attitude and a healthy condition, can participate in this trip.

During the trip you will be accompanied by an experienced tour guide. If there is a (medical) emergency, it will ensure that you get the right help.

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