Nubian Reefs

The journey starts from Port Sudan, southward on board of MSY Elegante. Sudanese area is one of the current pure unfished destinations; it comes with a 650 km coastline bordering the Red Sea and it is almost uninhabited.

As the coast offers a wide range of sceneries and seascapes (such as deepwater reef, shallow water reef, flat, lagoon, mangroves and Coral) it is possible being involved in many sport fishing as well as to spot a broad variety of fish (GTs, Coral Trout, Grouper, Emperor, Barracuda, Red Snapper, Napoleon Wrasse, Black Tip Shark, Grey Shark, Silky Shark, a remarkable population of Dogtooth Tuna, Bluefin Trevally, Titan Triggerfish, Giant Humphead Parrotfish, blue trevally and Bonefish). Because of the rainy season between July and September, the best times to visit Sudan are October/November and from March to June.